Sunday, March 27, 2011

At this rate, I should switch to "Exorbitant College Tuitions & Wine."

Thought I gave it up, didn't you.

No, I did not give up the blog. I missed it. I spent the rest of the winter writing class lectures late into the night, grading and responding to emails addressed to "Professor N." that made me snort. I missed the nights when I could vomit a post about my whiny kids and go to bed feeling like I (sort of) accomplished something.

Kitt turned two last month. We ditched the crib. Now every morning, she wakes up, makes a grand gesture to her big-girl bed and says, "Look! A bed!" The Munchkin is articulate and full of drama in both good ways (imagination? Check.) and bad (Shut off the TV?! I shall never recover!! NEVER!!) Much to my horror/amusement, has no social filter whatsoever.

She is me.

The girls have reached this miraculous age at which they start playing together. Oh my gawd. The play tag, give each other horseback rides, make up games to which only they know the rules. These days won't last; soon they'll be screaming at each other from opposite ends of the house, pulling hair and stealing boyfriends. I wish I could bottle these moments when they are each other's best friend.

Sometimes, just before my IT'S TOO QUIET mom-alarm goes off, I'll find the two of them hiding under a bedspread together, laughing hysterically at each other. It's beautiful. It's adorable. And it lets me finish the laundry before we all suffocate under it and die.

Of course, the Munchkin still constantly asks me where I'm going, even if I just move from the kitchen to the living room. Here. I am going right here, three feet to your left. Wave.

As for me? I shoveled a lot this winter. I bitched and whined every time I had to call for oil, but dammit, the tank got filled. I only forgot to put the trash out a few times. I did my own taxes. I got flowers. I hired a babysitter a while back, and have gotten to the point where I can say, "Hi. You know the drill. Bye," and I'm out the door. It's worth every f**king penny.

So. To sum up: not dead. Laundry finished? Not even close. Back to regular posts?

Uh, yes-ish.


Dawn said...

So glad you're back... and that the laundry didn't do you in ;)

Kelli Blood said...

Yay! We missed you!

Jamie said...

Happy you survived all the shoveling and are back!

NHGirl said...

Aw, isn't it nice when they play together?

Missed your posts! Happy belated birthday to the little one, good for you for getting a sitter, and I'm glad you're not dead. :)

Kristy said...

You're back-ish!

Anonymous said...

I miss you!! I know, I know, join Facebook, then I can stalk you that way :) Happy BDay dearie! Love>Beck

juggleboy720 said...

You've been missed!

letmestartbysaying said...

Allll good to hear.
My world shifted in a fabulous way when the kids began playing with each other. Ahhh...