Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Will I ruin the moment by confessing that I bribed them with cookies?

You forget how beautiful your kids are until you see them through someone else's eyes.

After a while, we stop seeing them. We see tantrums and fights. We see the snippy backtalk and all the things they don't do, the rules they refuse to follow. We see all the kids who are better behaved than they are. We see all the things they are not.

We see the hassle of getting them dressed, changing diapers, washing mysterious blue paint off hands, snapping "DON'T TOUCH THAT" in the public restroom every three seconds while you tweak hair into pigtails, shove barrettes into various places and mediate massive amounts of whining while holding everyone's jackets under your arm, all the while thinking dude, the portrait studio is three feet away but are we even going to make it?

And then somehow, despite all that, they hand you a moment. It's as if they hand you a little gift and say, "Here. This is what we look to people who are not you. In case you forgot."

Which, you did. Temporarily.

This moment snaps you out of your Perpetually Irritable Human coma and reminds you of why you keep going, even when you don't want to. It makes you stop and say, wow, those are my kids.

Suddenly you see them, again. Really see them. Eyes shining, arms clasped around one another, one of them grinning and the other one gazing at the camera with wide, wise eyes. Two different personalities, perfectly captured. They're yours, and they are amazing.

I feel like I saw my girls for the first time today.

Have you seen your kids lately?


Jodi said...

I have those moments a lot. My husband thinks I am too soft on the kids but I know everyday is precious with them so what is the big darn deal if they are 3 and whine like they are 1. Having said that I work full time so I get 40 hours of away time makes the perspective a tad rosy.

Pam said...

Thanks for the reminder! I must confess, sometimes I do forget to "see" them!

Dawn said...

I "saw" mine just the other day in the grocery store... I was getting onto them for being loud and crazy. Then I looked up at them and they were giving each other the BIGGEST bear hug. Made me feel bad for harping at them.

Kristy said...

Every day vacillates between "what an angel, so cute," and, "OMG, what a freakin maniac! He scares me!"

I love the line you have about being only 3 feet away from your destination and not being sure if you're going to make it.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

This is the part where it gets better! YAY!
I'm so happy for you.

Kelly said...

Great post Lisa! You are so right! You took the words out of my mouth!