Sunday, December 05, 2010

I totally look like a celebrity now. From the waist down.

Today I bought a pair of - oh God, I'm so ashamed - skinny jeans and boots.

I didn't mean to be such a sheep. It's just that, I decided that after the year I've had, I deserve at least one item of clothing not plucked from the clearance rack at Target.

Also, I have an interview this week, and the one collared shirt I own (which I pulled from a Space Bag that's been sitting in my closet for four years) looks so pathetic that I practically apologized to it out loud.

So, I went clothes shopping at the mall this weekend. And all I have to say is, I still don't get it.

The current fashion trends, I mean. Why is everything so...weird? I do not want to wear a drapeneck asymmetrical tunic with ruffles that look like shoulder tumors. I don't do ruffles, period.

As for the wide belts? Come on. For the high-waisted gals like myself, those things wear like corsets.

Shopping windows can be mighty persuasive, though. After walking by sixty-five mannequins dressed in skinny jeans and boots, I found myself staring with disdain at my flare-leg jeans. Was I really wearing a style that had gone the way of polyester and, uh...petticoats?

Baaaaa. Baaaaa.

The boots are cute, I guess. The jeans don't leave much room for donut-eating, so they might have to go. The jeans, I mean. Not the donuts.

Do you get fashion these days? If so, teach me your ways! C'mon, I'll split a donut with you.


Pam said...

Have to say...I LOVE my skinny jeans! I am sure you look AMAZING! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out!

Catootes said...

Took family to movie theater last week and EVERY teenage girl was dressed exactly alike. I don't even think their parents would tell them apart. Same hair style, skinny jeans, ugg-like boots, hooded sweatshirts. It was creepy.

Don't those skinny jeans chafe? I'm not sure they'd cover my ass.

MommyGeek said...

Fashion? Shopping?

What a strange language you speak...

Jen said...

I too love my skinny jeans but I have to have a higher waisted jean than what most of them offer because I don't believe in showing my butt crack to strangers. I haven't gotten the boots yet but I might have to for Christmas. As for wearing styles that are a little old I can totally attest to that. Shoulder pads anyone?

LisaVan... said...

skinny jeans to me are like sausage casings.

i have hips, i have thighs and my ever lasting mummy tummy that I've had since I had i'm scared to death of skinny jeans.


I love my leggings with either ballet flats or boots with a long sweater or comfy dress.

Jessica said...

Baa Baa lol I still haven't bought skinny jeans. I think they will make me look like an ice cream cone. I want to see evidence of your skinny jeans and boots.

Kristin H. said...

After two C-sections, I am of the mind that jeans of any kind suck. I can't tolerate anything that binds around the waist, particularly denim. My latest trend is flowy dresses that are (way) above the knee and thigh high socks that I found online at Sock Dreams. I wear a lot of scarves and keep my hair current so that people aren't tempted to stare at my ass. Or waist.

Dawn said...

I haven't conformed to the skinny jeans...yet.
I *LOVE* me some tall boots, but the prob that I am finding is they are ALL made for jeans to go inside now, so none of them hug my legs :(
Ahhh... the MADNESS of fashion!! And for the record, all those "styles" you speak of are a bunch of Monstrosities! IMHO

Jodi said...

I can't stand the ruffle trend either it really leaves not much else for tops. I still wear boot cut jeans is that ok?

Kristy said...

You are too school for cool! Love it. I have not tried the skinny jeans thing yet. I am just proud that I am finally doing my hair again most days.

Adrienne said...

Okay, well I have to admit that I'm a bit of a clotheshorse but I am getting a kick out of this post-hilarious! The the comments are cracking me up too! I'm sure you look fantastic in your skinny jeans and boots!