Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Also Known As

In the interest of preserving their privacy, and because I occasionally blog about their respective bodily functions, I've decided to give my hubby and my kid some blog-tastic nicknames.

My husband has many loves. Skiing, rock climbing, hunting, hiking...he loves all things outdoors. But he really loves his bass boat. And he really, really loves to buy stuff for said bass boat. He will be known as The BassMaster from now on, or the B-master, for short.

I had more trouble thinking up a name for the young one. "Satan's Hench-toddler" seemed appropriate a couple of weeks ago. Then she got a cute new haircut, and I thought maybe "Pixie" might work better. Or maybe "Muff-kin," something The B-master and I thought up by combining "Muffin" and "Pumpkin." But I hesitate to use any word that contains, "muff," lest a perverted Google addict (read: someone like me) should find this site.

So I decided to go with a nickname we use frequently around the house. She will heretofore be known as Munchkin.

And there you have it, a definition of terms. We now return to your regularly scheduled mindless babble.

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